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Membership Benefits

  • Comfortable, distraction-free, workspace
  • Lounge, boardroom and kitchen
  • Wireless Internet
  • Laser printer
  • Networking with local and international writers
  • Reciprocity with other writers’ centres
  • Coffee & Tea


  • Our secure premises allow writers to go for a break, lunch or a smoke, without packing up their laptops or other items, as they would have to do in a café, library or other public space.


  • You can store food in the refrigerator and heat it in our microwave or toaster — a low-cost alternative to cafés and restaurants.
  • Good desk lighting, spacious desks, ergonomic keyboard trays and comfortable seating make our Quiet Room a very pleasant place to work.
  • Our inviting Lounge is filled with couches, comfy chairs, loungers, coffee tables, ambient lighting and a cozy fireplace. We have a library of novels, manuals, newspapers, magazines and literary subscriptions. The Lounge is where community and conversation is encouraged and fostered.


  • Membership at TWC gives writers instant access to a community of fellow professionals. You interact only with writers at TWC; there is no other place like it. The more writers use TWC, the greater their benefits.
  • Many writers who work at TWC develop a sense of ownership: TWC becomes “their place” because the atmosphere is warm and friendly.